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Safety Management System

We understand that the safety and well-being of your furry companions is the most important part of our job. Our 7 point Safety Management System ensures that every dog entrusted to our care receives the highest level of protection possible during their time with us. 

1. Small Packs, Big Safety: 

We prioritize safety by walking small groups of dogs, We walk groups of 7 or less, never any more.

This allows us to closely monitor each dog, prevent overstimulation, and provide individualized care and attention, ensuring they return home content and fulfilled.


2. Leashing Protocol:

Dogs are securely leashed from inside our van and remain on the lead until they are safely away from any potential hazards, such as busy car parks. This ensures they are under control and away from harm's way from the moment they step out of the vehicle.

3. Emergency Preparedness:

Our team is equipped with emergency water and first aid kits at all times. This proactive approach ensures that we are prepared to address any unexpected situations promptly, providing immediate care to your beloved pets in case of emergencies.

4. Assessment Process:

To become a member of The Pooped Pack, dogs must pass a thorough assessment. This ensures that all dogs socialize with well-behaved companions, fostering positive interactions and providing peace of mind to owners regarding their pets' safety.

5. Discreet and Private Walks:

We conduct walks discreetly and avoid crowded areas to prevent overwhelming both our pack and the public. By steering clear of potentially unfriendly dogs and minimizing distractions, we create a safer environment for everyone involved.

6. Experienced Staff:

Our team consists of experienced and highly trained dog handlers who are passionate about canine care and safety. With their expertise and dedication, you can trust that your dogs are in capable hands, receiving the best possible care during their walks.

7. Tailored Pack Formation:

We carefully match dogs into packs based on their energy levels and personalities. By creating harmonious groups, we ensure that each dog feels comfortable and supported, promoting positive interactions and minimizing stress during walks.


At Pooped!, safety is our top priority. With our comprehensive Safety Management System in place, you can have confidence in the well-being of your furry friends while they're in our care. From our meticulous leashing protocol to our small group walks and experienced staff, every aspect of our operation is designed to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for your dogs. Join The Pooped Pack today and rest assured that your pets are in the best of hands

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