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Why us?


fair question really...

Everything we do at Pooped is based on our belief that

“A Pooped! dog is a happy dog.” 

Proper exercise and socialization is the greatest gift you can give your pooch. For dogs, going for a walk is

the best thing in the world! and for owners, knowing your pup is having a good run around and sniffing a few butts, instead of waiting for you to come home does a lot for your peace of mind.


A Pooped! dog comes home easier to communicate with, feeling more fulfilled, and all-round better behaved, and we all want to have a good dog don't we!


The relationships we have with our clients and their pups is the foundation of why Pooped! is successful.

Your dog is a part of your whanau, and caring for them really is a privilege, we want to recognise the responsibility that comes with that trust, so above all the fun we have (and the bad dog jokes) we prioritise...

SAFETY and PROFESSIONALISM above all else.

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